Use of don't/ de qui

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17 May 2017

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Use of don't/ de qui

In the following sentence, "La chaise, don't/ de laquelle tu as cassé le pied, est maintenant inutile," I interpreted it to mean whose leg you broke and thus answered don't / de qui and not de laquelle. Why am I wrong?


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31 May 2017


Je devine que la leçon dont vous parlez soit cela "De + qui, duquel, de laquelle, dont = Of/about whom (relative pronouns)". I think it would be helpful to look at possible translations: dont tu as cassé le pied = which you broke the foot de laquelle tu as cassé le pied = of which you broke the foot de qui = of who(m) [ de qui (of/about whom), which can only apply to living things ] Cela m'apparait que dont et de laquelle sont les réponses plus exactes. Bonne chance, Ron


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31 December 2018


Hi Ann, 

De qui  only applies to living things , so you can't use it for a chair...

Take a look at the following lesson for further information -


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