Turn things up side down in present tense?


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31 March 2017

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Turn things up side down in present tense?

Here when the verb retourner goes with avoir in past tense, then it means to turn things up side down or inside out. How do you say it in present tense or in imperative? Merci.

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31 March 2017


Bonjour John ! The distinction of meaning linked to "avoir" or "être" is only relevant to compound tenses. When you use "retourner" in simple tenses, like Le Présent, L'Impératif, L'Imparfait etc, it can mean either of these meanings. Here the context will tell which one it is: "Je retourne ma veste." (I'm turning my jacket inside out.) "Tu retournais la voir souvent." (You used to go back to see her often.) "Pour enlever la plante, retourne doucement le pot." (To remove the plant, gently turn the pot upside down.) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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