Tu aimes la couleur violette ? Oui, ________ est très joli!


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6 May 2017

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Tu aimes la couleur violette ? Oui, ________ est très joli!

This is a test question. I wrote "elle" and the valid answer is c' . OK, I get it, "joli" is masculine so elle is not appropriate, but shouldn't it be possible to say "oui, elle est très jolie"?

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9 May 2017


Bonjour Daniel ! Actually here the statement refers to the colour purple in general, so in French we will choose the general "c'est" to comment on it. We'll tend to use "elle" if we're referring to a specific object, for example: "Tu aimes la *chemise* violette ? Oui, *elle* est très jolie." (Do you like the purple shirt? Yes, it's pretty.) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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