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17 March 2019

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The translation given for "Ta voiture est petite. - Oui, mais c'est petit dans mon garage.""Your car is small. - Yes, but my garage is small."

The second sentence seems like it should be the car that is small in the garage. Is the translation correct?

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17 March 2019


Hi Andrew,

If you say -

'C'est petit dans mon garage'

What is actually meant is -

'There isn't much room in my garage' 

Hope this helps!



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18 May 2019


Perhaps an alternate translation could've been provided in addition to the one given, so that the context of the excercise was clear.

Otherwise, one might come up with (such as I did, and admittedly missing the point of the excercise): "Oui, mais c'est grand dans mon garage." ... pointing out that a car of such small size would actually appear big in a garage that's just as small.

From "C'est petit dans mon garage," I get the impression that it should be: "Your car is so small. - Yes, it's small even in my garage (which, by the way, doesn't have much room to begin with)."

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