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This is a question on grading the writing challenges (which are great-Thanks!)


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3 August 2017

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This is a question on grading the writing challenges (which are great-Thanks!)

I struggle with grading the Writing Challenges. An example I have just had: The correct answers were (1) "on a beaucoup de choix", and (2) "on a plein d'options". My answer was a mixture of the two: "on a beaucoup d'options". Question: when there are two correct answers, are the parts 'interchangable'? Are "a plein d' " interchangeable with "a beaucoup de", and "d'options" with "de choix"? Or is the correct answer exactly as it is written in the first or the second sentence? I hope this makes sense! Thank you in advance for your help! Terri

This relates to:
L'un(e) ... l'autre, les un(e)s ... les autres = One ... the other(s) (indefinite pronouns) -


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5 August 2017


Bonjour Terri,

Yes, generally speaking, unless there's a note that says something like "familiar" or "too formal" next to one answer, the pieces of the correct answers are interchangeable.


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7 August 2017


Thank you, Laura, for the clarity. I enjoy the writing challenges, but the grading was always a challenge - now I'll enjoy the writing even more.

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