Subjonctif futur


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30 December 2016

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Subjonctif futur

"J'ai peur que tu ne le fasses" means "I'm scared you'll do it" according to one test. But shouldn't it rather be "I'm scared you are doing it"? There seems to be no subjonctif futur in French?


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3 January 2017


Bonjour Joakim ! You are right: there is no Subjonctif Futur in French, therefore you will use Le Subjonctif Présent to translate sentences where the future tense is used in English. The subjunctive mood expresses doubt as to whether an action happened, happens or 'will' happen, whereas Le Futur tense expresses certainty in French, hence its absence in the subjunctive mood in French. I hope that's helpful! Bonne Année !

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