Spaced repetition


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7 December 2016

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Spaced repetition

Is there going to be a spaced repetition feature included on this website? I find that is very useful with e.g. flash cards and duolingo to help solidify concepts in your repertoire.


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8 December 2016


Hi Louie - it's certainly something we've given a lot of thought to. It's fairly easy to apply to small, new concepts being learned, but not quite so straightforward when dealing with a large amount of complex material, some of which may already be known. We're working on it though!


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9 December 2016


Couldn't you just apply it on a lesson-by-lesson basis? Which would then reflect in your overall 'score' for whichever level the lesson belongs to? I don't know how most people use this site but I use the notebook a lot and it would be helpful if, after I've 'mastered' a lesson, it continually came back to remind me to brush up.

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