Should it not be la mieux?

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28 October 2018

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30 October 2018


Hi Varsha,

You cannot say:

"Laquelle de ces  bouilloires  marchent  la mieux" ,  it is, le mieux , because of the verb 'marcher':

'le mieux' is an adverb as it modifies the verb 'marcher'.

You might say/ hear:

C'est la chanteuse la mieux payée au monde entier  = She is the best paid singer in the whole world


C'est la banque la mieux représentée en Angleterre = This is the bank best represented in England

as here,  la mieux 

modifies the adjective and can agree with the noun although some purists would dispute this and say that it is better French to use 'le mieux' also in both those examples

But you will hear both...

Hope this helps!


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30 October 2018


Thanks a lot Ma'am

Really grateful 


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21 May 2019


It is difficult to differentiate between 'being' good/better/the best AND good/better/the best 'for a usage'. For example: can we say 'Ta télé est bien mais la mienne est meilleure' if we refer to the television's usage?

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