retrouver vs "se revoir"

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8 December 2018

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retrouver vs "se revoir"

if retrouver can be used to mean "meet/see again", what's the difference between retrouver and "se revoir"?

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12 December 2018


Hi C,

I can't find the context but you would say for instance in the case of 'retrouver'

J’ai retrouvé des amis au théâtre = I met up with some friends at the theatre 

In the case of 'revoir' or 'se revoir' it would be with friends you had not seen for a while.


J’ai revu des amis de longue date  = I met up with old friends 

Nous nous sommes revus après un an de silence = Me met up again after one year silence

Hope this helps!


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14 December 2018


Ok I understand. The main difference between "retrouver" and "revoir" is the amount of time until you see them again.

Thank you very much for explaining it to me :)

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