Quinze heures for three o'clock?

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21 January 2019

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Quinze heures for three o'clock?

In the question "What are ALL the possible ways to say "It is three o'clock." ?", the answer "Il est quinze heures" was marked as the one I missed. However, in English, "quinze heures" would have been "fifteen o'clock" if we are talking about the "o'clock" format. Therefore, I believe this answer is wrong. 

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21 January 2019


Hi Olga,

If it asks you for ALL the possible ways to say ‘it’s three o’clock’,  you would have to include -

‘il est quinze heures’ .

Please note that the French like using the 24 hour clock and that it will sometimes translates as o’clock .

Incidently, the expression means of the clock which means the medium you are getting the time from rather than may be a sundial ...

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