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Perhaps I'm just not getting this?


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7 August 2016

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Perhaps I'm just not getting this?

Above, you say: C'est in sentences "it is + a/the/my... + thing" C'est une jolie robe. It is a pretty dress. The sentence above is referring to a specific dress, otherwise how could we say it is pretty? Yet, further down the page, I read this: "...Il est/elle est for statements and opinions related to specific things: Tu aimes mon pull ? -Oui, il est très beau. Do you like my sweater? -Yes, it's very nice..." According the this, the sentence should be: "Elle est une jolie robe".

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C'est vs il/elle est: Saying it is -


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7 August 2016


Yes, we'll work on this lesson very soon, but in the meantime, the difference in these specific cases is that c'est is followed by a noun, while il / elle est is followed by an adjective.


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8 August 2016


Thanks Laura!


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25 December 2016


Is this correct:
Tu aimes mon pull ? -Oui, il est très beau.
Tu aimes mon pull ? -Oui, c'est un très beau pull.

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