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27 November 2018

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Other usage

The Other Usage box seems to just repeat what is in the box above it, but it seems like its supposed to point out some other usage.

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4 December 2018


Hi Rant,

The first usage of "Aller à " means to suit in the sense of looking good or fitting well.

The sencond usage means to be okay with something which is completely different.

On se rencontre à 14 h , ça vous va? we are meeting up at 2 pm, is that okay with you?

Hope this helps!


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5 December 2018


Salut Cécile,

Thanks for the answer. I do understand the two different usages of "Aller à", but I'm just pointing out that the last two boxes both have the same examples:

Nous viendrons à 9 heures. Ça vous va ?
We'll come at 9. Is it ok with you?

Ça lui va ? - Oui, ça lui va parfaitement.
Is he ok with that? - Yes, he's perfectly fine with it.


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7 December 2018


Bonjour Rant !

Thanks for letting us know about these repeated examples :)

Indeed, here they are redundant, and have now been streamlined.

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !

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