Other types of "Si" clauses

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18 July 2018

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Other types of "Si" clauses

I'm looking for further information on the other types of "Si" clauses. L'imparfait+conditionnel is just one type. What about "Si" clauses that are placed in the past--e.g. "If you had studied harder, you would have passed the test". Another type: "If you're able, come visit me."

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19 July 2018


Hi Gregory,

The lesson is still under construction, so I will try and explain:

There are 3 types -

1.  To express a likely situation using the present ------future/imperative

Si tu cours, tu auras ton train = If you run, you'll catch your train 

Si tu peux, va chercher les enfants à l'école =If you can, go and fetch the children at school

2. To express an unlikely situation using the imperfect ------conditional present

Si tu lui parlais gentiment, il te répondrait = If you spoke nicely to him, he would answer you

Si tu travaillais à l'école, tu réussirais = I you worked at school, you'd succeed

3. To express an impossible situation (as in the past) using the PluPerfect -----Conditional past

Si tu lui avais répondu gentiment, il t'aurait répondu = If you had spoken to him nicely, he would have answered you

Si vous leur aviez donné de meilleures instructions ils ne se seraient pas perdus = If you'd given them better instructions, they wouldn't have got lost

Hope this helps


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19 July 2018


Thanks! This is very helpful. Good to know the lesson is coming along...I thought I’d missed something somewhere.

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