on nous vs on se?

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5 November 2017

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on nous vs on se?

For reflexive verbs, is it always on se or can it be on nous? For example, we talk (to each other) everyday = on se parle tous les jours. Can it be on nous parle?

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6 November 2017


I have only ever encountered "on se....". You are, of course, free to say "Nous nous parlon...." but you already knew that, I am sure. -- Chris (not a native speaker).


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7 November 2017


Hi Dzoan, "On" can only take the reflexive pronoun "se". "Nous" only takes the reflexive pronoun "nous". It is incorrect to mix these pronouns in the way you ask -- "On nous parle tous les jours" is not correct -- it has to be "On se parle ------" Regards, Alan (Non native speaker)


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22 June 2018


Hi Dzoan,

I can confirm the reflexive pronoun for on/il/elle  is 'se'.

On se parle tous les jours. = We speak to each other every day.

On nous parle tous les jours = They speak to us every day.

Hope this helps!

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