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CharleneA1Kwiziq community member

Do and ne..jamais follow the same rule as ne..pas do with reflexive verb?
Asked 4 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Charlene,

Just to correct a few things said earlier, yes they do but you need to use the auxilliary verb 'être' in the passé composé for reflexive verbs.


Non, je ne me maquille plus No, I don't make up any longer

Non, Il ne s'est jamais rasé = No, he has never shaved 

Hope this helps!


RonC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor
Bonsoir Claire, That is correct for the negation of reflexive verbs when using ne . . .plus and ne . . . jamais and any other negation structural pair, i.e. ne . . .rien, ne . . . aucun(e). For example: I do not shave anymore. --> Je ne me rase plus. I have never shaved. --> Je ne m'ai jamais rasé From the lesson: «When using a negative structure like "ne/n'...pas" with reflexive verbs in simple tenses, ne/n' is placed before the reflexive pronoun "me/te/se/nous/vous/se", and pas is after the verb. Il s'amuse beaucoup -> Il ne s'amuse pas beaucoup He's having a lot of fun -> He's not having a lot of fun» I hope that you find this beneficial. Bonne chance et bonne continuation. à bientôt
CharleneA1Kwiziq community member
Merci beaucoup
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Do and ne..jamais follow the same rule as ne..pas do with reflexive verb?

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