Must have


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7 February 2017

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Must have

What if you wannt to say. Someone must have done something, how would you say that? For example. Where is she? She must have gone to the shops. Like Kevin also like this lesson. Merci bien

This relates to:
Conjugate devoir in Le Conditionnel Passé = should have (past conditional) -


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8 February 2017


Bonjour Jennifer, et merci du compliment !

To express "must have", you will conjugate the verb "devoir" in Le Passé Composé followed by your verb's infinitive:
"Elle a dû aller faire les courses." (She must have gone to the shops.)
"J'ai dû me tromper." (I must have made a mistake.)

Here's a link to Le Passé Composé of "devoir":

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !


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9 February 2017


Ought to have,

Mercii Aurélie.

Would you also help me out with ought to? what would we say for example for he/ought/should have done their homework. I ask this because I now realise that the difference between ought, should and must have are becoming difficult for me to destinguish.

Thank you once again


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10 February 2017


"Ought to" and "should" will both be translated in the same way in French, as they mean the same:
with "devoir" in Le Conditionnel.



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15 February 2017


Thank you

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