Mon rêve pour cette année (Le Conditionnel)

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16 March 2019

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Mon rêve pour cette année (Le Conditionnel)

Mon rêve pour cette année (Le Conditionnel)

A question bout the above linked quiz: 

- the sentence to be translated is "the first flight that appeals to us!" 

- I put in "le premier vol qui nous plairions!", but the answer is marked incorrect, and the one given is "le premier vol qui nous plairait!" 

- The linked lesson is "Lesson: Conjugate regular verbs in Le Conditionnel Présent (conditional mood)" 

So I'm not sure what I've done wrong here? Thanks!


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18 March 2019


Hi Uber,

In the sentence -

'Le premier vol qui nous plairait ....' 

Le premier vol is the subject of the verb 'plaire' so it has to be in the third person singular, 'nous' is an indirect object pronoun .

'Plaire' has an odd construction ( think of to please in English) but it is another way of indicating 'liking' something.

Cette ville va vous plaire = You are going to like this townThis town is going to please you)

for more information , take a look at the following kwiziq lesson -

Hope this helps!

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