Library questions and leaderboard


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10 January 2018

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Library questions and leaderboard

The library exercises with questions at the end allow me to gain points on the leaderboard.(until unable for two weeks) The dashboard with exercises no longer has questions at the end.(therefore no points on leaderboard) The Notebook exercises also have no questions at the end -again- no points on the leaderboard until 2 weeks go by I really think that you need to rethink this in order to allow students to access more questions, please realise that many people (myself included ) thrive on competition and enjoy competition.YOU HAVE TAKEN THIS AWAY.


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10 January 2018


Hi Peter - sorry about that. We removed the micro kwizzes on lesson pages as they were not functioning correctly and causing other issues. We are aware that they were popular though and we're looking at getting them, or something similar, working again. You can add topics to you notebook(s) and kwiz against that/those in the meantime if you want to practise a single topic at a time (just put one or more lessons in the notebook using the add buttons and click test from your notebook). Every time you test against a notebook list you'll be given new questions from the available set, prioritised correctly by KwizBot based on what he knows about your knowledge.

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