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25 May 2016

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Kwiziq Scoring

I was trying to improve my previous A1 & A2 grades and remove the light yellow areas in my brain map and it seems impossible to get above 84.6%. I'd be right at 84.6% and then get a succession of 10/10 results and my score would drop to 84.5%. I could then work back to 84.6% slowly - but I couldn't ever seem to get above that result and the yellow areas in my brain map stayed depressingly un-green.


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26 May 2016


Salut Gavin ! There are a small number of lessons where the maximum achievable Kwiziq score is currently in the range 50% to 75% - we are aware of this and we're working to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out. I apologise for any inconvenience but please rest assured it is being addressed. Do get in touch directly if this problem persists. (Your brainmap looks terrific, by the way. Excellent work!) Gruff

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