Kwiziq app?


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9 July 2017

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Kwiziq app?

How are things going with the Kwiziq app? I know you're busy with implementing Spanish right now, but an app could be useful. When swapped out by the OS, it could retain the user-entered text instead of discarding them like phone-browsers often do when you don't answer all the questions in one go. I make many mistakes in the writing challenges and need to look at other pages and apps to find out why. When I come back to continue, the page reloads and I have to start over.


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9 July 2017


Hey Joakim - I'm afraid the app is mostly on pause right now (we're doing some background development but nothing substantial) since it's a huge endeavour and we're a very small team relative to our ambition and the sheer size of our existing development backlog. When we're in a position to work on it in earnest, we'll let you know. Best wishes, Gruff.


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7 June 2018


Hi .. given that the majority of people now access the internet though their mobile devices rather than pc’s ... I think it’s a real deficiency of kwiziq that it doesn’t have an app. My kids love your system but would use it a lot more if it had an app. 

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