Is this a good summary?


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30 March 2019

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Is this a good summary?

Been looking at this for a long time. Conclusion is if you want to write a sentence using a/the/my , Or making a general opinion then use c'est. Otherwise use I'll/Elle est to make a specific opinion towards something/someone if there is no a/the/my in the sentence? 

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31 March 2019


Hi Van,

This is pretty accurate but I prefer working with their French equivalents.

There are others and you can add, Monsieur, Madame and names to the list.

I am working on an lesson update which I hope will clarify the situation...

As an example you can say -

Elle est bonne nageuse 

C'est une bonne nageuse 

but you cannot say:

Elle est une bonne nageuse !

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