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Is there anyone available to help me with my past tense grammar in French?


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18 September 2017

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Is there anyone available to help me with my past tense grammar in French?

Good evening all, I have an assignment for French and would like either an advanced or a native speaker to analyze what I have written. I am working on past tense verb usage and I am struggling a bit. It is an essay, so I figure it may be a bit extensive to post on here.


Kwiziq community member

19 September 2017


Bonsoir Malahni,
What I am hearing you ask for is a tutor to assist you in advanced past tenses (i.e. more advanced than simply le passé composé or l'imparfait). While I am unable to answer for anyone else, I have never seen academic assistance, or tutoring, provided on this site.
Here are links to three different online French tutoring sites:
Now, let me say that I am not affiliated with any of these 3 sites in anyway; however, one of them might give you a place to begin seeking a tutor. As you do not indicate in which city you live, I would suggest that you first begin there by possibly looking through the yellow pages under the heading «Tutor».
Désolé !
Bonne chance.

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