is not "avoir sort" the same as "avoir de la chance"?

is not "avoir sort" the same as "avoir de la chance"?

Asked 10 months ago
CécileKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Hi Richard,

As you had pinned it ot this particular lesson I had assumed that you had confused the two terms, so sorry about this.

Sort  had many meanings in French ( fate/spell/curse) but you cannot say,

'avoir sort'.

Furthermore it is associated with bad luck rather than good fortune.

Je ne veux pas être dans le même sort qu'elle I don't want the same fate as her

J'espère que ce nouvel emploi va améliorer mon sort = I hope this new job will improve my lot.

C'est comme si elle m'avait jeté un mauvais sort It's just as if she had cast me a bad spell

Hope this helps!


CécileKwiziq language super star

Hi Richard,

The expression is 'avoir tort' and means 'to be wrong'.

"le sort" = fortune, luck; as in Spanish cognate "tener suerte"= be lucky

I made no reference to "tort"

parfois je confonds le français avec l'español

merci pour m'avoir beaucoup aidé

CécileKwiziq language super star
De rien, Richard, ça c'est le problème des polyglottes...

is not "avoir sort" the same as "avoir de la chance"?

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