Is "J'ai manqué vous"=I missed you correct in the sense that there was a scheduled event of meeting a person at time X but I (je) missed the meeting?

Is "J'ai manqué vous"=I missed you correct in the sense that there was a scheduled event of meeting a person at time X but I (je) missed the meeting?

Asked 2 months ago
AurélieKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Bonjour John !

I'm here to answer the French question :)

Here the mistake is related to the position of your direct object pronoun "vous", which in the case of a compound tense like Le Passé Composé, will be just before the auxiliary, as such:

Je vous ai manqué.

I hope that's helpful!

Bonne journée !

Also: I am new to the Discussion forum. How do I find my questions? I've posed 2-3 questions but cannot remember where I put them. There doesn't appear to be an option for finding one's own questions under the Dashboard or other menu options.

SimonKwiziq language super star

Hi John, 

sorry for the slow response on this we're actually in the middle of updating the whole Q&A section to make this very thing a little more obvious.  

For the moment the simplest way to see your list of Questions and Answers is to navigate to your account page (use the account menu drop down on the top right of the page or go to /account directly.

From there you will see your display options:

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You can click on the "View" link next to your profile, on the bottom of this you will see your list of Questions and Answers.  Stay tuned as we do have a fairly major revamp coming up which will make this and many other things easier.

Simon: Thanks much. Approximately when will the website update happen?

Also, will somebody be answering my specific question about French grammar?

Dear Aurélie:

Thank you. However, it's now clear if you understood my question.

I do not want "Je vous ai manqué" to mean "I missed you" in some emotional sense.

The meaning I want is "I missed you" in the sense that I missed an appointment with a person. We can say this in English, as in "I missed you (=meeting you) in front of the movie theatre because I had a flat tire." That appointment represents an event, for which the grammar lesson "Manquer (de) + thing = To miss / lack something" I think can apply. Hence my original inquiry, which I suspect is grammatically incorrect, but I hope you get the idea of what I am actually asking.

Correction: "However, it's not clear if you  . . ."

I hope there's a message edit option in the upcoming website redesign.

AurélieKwiziq language super star

Sorry about that John, but you were correct here :)

Je vous ai manqué.  can either mean:

You missed me (in an emotional sense) or

I missed you (at the meeting ...)

Hope that helps!

SimonKwiziq language super star

@John "I hope there's a message edit option in the upcoming website redesign." - yes, there is!

Sorry to have to say this but I am getting annoying duplicate email notifications from you (Simon) and Aurélie notifying me of your replies to my Discussion board questions. I believe that Simon's first reply under this thread was accompanied by a single email notification but everything after that has had duplicate notifications. 

I hope you can make this stop.

SimonKwiziq language super star

Hi John,

I've just investigated this and just to clarify this was actually not a duplicate email for the same issue under the hood as far as I can tell, it was caused by two answers being submitted in close proximity then both of them being updated just for better clarity.  The result was the same for you in that it appeared to be a duplicate, we have tweaked this now to avoid this perception and yes in the new update on Q&A we'll be looking at this specifically to see if we can capture better summaries, in the unusual case when multiple users submit answers within minutes of each other (and then edit them).

Please contact our helpdesk via the "contact us" on the site form if you have any other technical issues we will certainly look into them immediately, it just allows us to track things more effectively and keep the learning Q&A separate.

Best wishes

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