is it "vous êtes qui" always?


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30 October 2017

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is it "vous êtes qui" always?

So if I'm asking to a group of people "Who are you?" the question would be the same as if I'd be asking that to a single person?? Is it vous êtes qui, no matter what? I was expecting it to be like "quis" or some plural there

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30 October 2017


No it is "vous êtes qui?" In this case one would probably use the inverted form of the question: "Qui êtes-vous?" By just looking at this sentence you couldn't tell whether it is about a single person being addressed formally or a group of people. But that is the same in English: "who are you" has a similar ambiguity. Greetings, -- Chris (not a native speaker)


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1 November 2017


Bonjour Francisco, That's correct, qui is invariable.

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