Is it possible to reset one's score?


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11 July 2018

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Is it possible to reset one's score?

As I move forward, I notice that I am getting good scores on things that I am likely to forget after a few weeks. When I practice them several times in a row, then my score gets higher and higher. If I feel that there are things that I ought to practice for longer, can I reset the score of them?


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19 July 2018


Hi Joachim - don't worry, KwizBot will always bring back lessons for you to practise (even if you get perfect scores in everything). The scores do help determine the order in which he'll choose things so you focus on fixing weak areas before going back over stronger areas, but if you practise at a level you will go over all the lessons and content multiple times over time.

However, if you feel that you have been awarded scores that feel undeservedly high for your confidence in the topic then please do let us know, as sometimes this can indicate a problem with the lesson that we can fix.

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