In the test I used `d`ici nuit`...

In the test I used `d`ici nuit`...

Asked 6 months ago
CécileKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Hi James, 

'D'ici nuit' has no meaning in French , you could say -

D'ici minuit = by midnight (but it has a different meaning.)

D'ici ce soir is the correct phrase here, it is because we use 'soir' very loosely in French to denote the time before you go to bed...

Hope this helps!



CécileKwiziq language super star

Hi James, 

Could you give me the context ?

Hi Cécile,

The question was regarding the use of `by then` or `by a specific time`: I will be finished by tonight.

By tonight, I used `d`ici nuit` and was marked as incorrect. The answer was `d`ici ce soir` 

Got it!!

In the test I used `d`ici nuit`...

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