il faut

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25 September 2017

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il faut

Is there a lesson on the conjugation of il faut for compound tenses especially the future proche & perfect and Le Passé Proche. I have read 'Il Faut : Expressing Necessity And Obligation" but need something a bit deeper. The conjegations of falloir I find online only do the Passé Composé. I know its just the ' il' conjugation of falloir but I thought a lesson might help it sink in.


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25 September 2017


Bonjour Michael, If it is just the conjugations that you are looking for then here is an online site: The conjugations provided on Kwiziq are all quite excellent but I do understand your interest. I use the above cited link when I have a verb that i am unsure about. Keep in mind that it is written in French and there are no translations. J'espère que ma réponse vous aiderait. Bonne chance et bonne continuation dans vos études en français, la langue de Molière et qui a été utilisé par le monde français depuis l’époque d’Hugues Capet


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17 October 2018


Hi Michael,

Il faut is an interesting expression as it has only one form , the impersonal 'il' but can be conjugated horizontally across the tenses.

So -

Il faut, il a fallu, il fallait, il va falloir ( near future), il faudra, il faudrait etc..

Hope this helps!


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