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I thought that when it was 'oneself' one used

DalyB2Kwiziq community member

I thought that when it was 'oneself' one used

Asked 1 year ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Daly,

'Soi' is the emphatic/stress pronoun that relates to 'on', or an indeterminate entity as in :

Chacun pour soi = Every man for himself 

En travailleur indépendant/freelance, c'est agréable par qu'on travaille pour soi When you work freelance it's great because you work for yourself

You would only add même to emphasise :

On n'est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même If you want something done rightdo it yourself

Hope this helps!

I thought that when it was 'oneself' one used

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