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How to get better

Arthur e.A1Kwiziq community member

How to get better

How can I get better in dictée

Asked 2 years ago
Chris W.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

The single most important thing that you can do to get better is to be consistent and keep at it. Comprehending spoken French is always the hardest part, so give yourself time. We've all been there in that situation where you hear someone speak French and the only thing you can say with certainty is that the language was French. ;)

Expose yourself to spoken French as often as you can. Listen to French chansons while driving, for example. Or the news in French. It doesn't matter. And you don't have to concentrate overly on what is being said. Your brain will absorb the language, and gradually you'll find it easier to identify the words and then what is being said.

Give yourself time and try to make it fun because a frustrated attitude is not conducive to learning. That's a very important point: find ways to make listening to French fun for you.

How to get better

How can I get better in dictée

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