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How do you select more than one answer?

SaraA1Kwiziq community member

How do you select more than one answer?

Asked 2 years ago
RowenB1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

Hi Sara - I've sent you an email about this as it's a system-related query. It should be easier to discuss this with you and get further details via email. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

RichardB2Kwiziq community member

If a question can accept more than 1 answer there will be a checkbox beside each possibility/response; you check/tick the box(es) besides the answer(s) you believe are correct.

SaraA1Kwiziq community member

My question relates to the 2-question quiz, where there is a drop-down box, and as far as I can see, no way to choose 2 answers--although there was more than 1 correct answer.

How do you select more than one answer?

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