Hanoucca celebrations


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7 December 2018

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Hanoucca celebrations

I have  celebrated Hanoucca with my family and friends for many years. We never have a Hanoucca bush! This is a symbol that is related to Christmas and has nothing to do with Hanukah. Please correct this, it is misleading and upsetting for people to think that we decorate a bush. 

Thank you for your wonderful website and weekly exercises.

Norma Zippin

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French writing exercise "Hanukkah with my family"


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8 December 2018


Bonjour Norma,

I'm sorry that you are upset by our inclusion of this decoration in the exercise. I understand that your family and friends do not decorate a Hanukkah bush, but some Jewish families do.

Joyeux Hanoucca à vous et aux vôtres !

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