Feminine forms

Feminine forms

Are there feminine plural forms?
Asked 1 year ago
CécileKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

HI Dragana,

Indeed, these examples are all feminine and plural forms of adjectives-

Des pierres précieuses = Precious stones

Des averses glaciales = Icy showers

Des boissons fraîches = Cold drinks

Des chemises chères = Expensive shirts

Des pommes rouges Red Apples

Hope this helps! 


I think the point of Dragana's question is that only the masculine plural endings are given in this lesson. The reason, I suppose, is that only the masculine endings are irregular - the feminine endings are just -ales as normal.

Thank you Alan. That is exactly what I was asking. So fatal is fatales in Feminine Plural. 

CécileKwiziq language super star
Yes indeed as in " femmes fatales"...

Feminine forms

Are there feminine plural forms?

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