Faire les course v. Faire des courses

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6 May 2018

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Faire les course v. Faire des courses

I learned that the difference here is:

faire les courses = grocery shopping

faire des courses = running errands (still not leisure shopping but includes things like pharmacy, dry cleaning, dog to groomer etc.j

Is this correct?

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7 May 2018


Hi D,

'Faire les courses' is to go shopping, usually for grocery but not exclusively it will be in the shops you find on the high street. You would use 'faire des courses' if you had some shopping to do.

e.g. "Demain, je fais les courses et on part en weekend ..."

"J'ai des (quelques) courses à faire ce matin. Je dois passer au supermarché et à la pharmacie...."

Hope this helps!


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