'En' versus 'dans'?

BarrieC1Kwiziq community member

'En' versus 'dans'?

Just wondering why it's 'en matinee', but 'dans la soiree?'

Asked 2 years ago
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Hi Barrie, 

Interesting little question which got me thinking!

In the context of the weather you could both say -

en matinée, le matin = in the morning 
dans la matinée = sometime during the morning 
dans la soirée, le soir in the evening
en début de soirée, en fin de soirée at the beginning of the evening , towards the end of the evening

Hope this helps! 



JimC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Hi Barrie,

This type of issue has been discussed many times on the Forum.


En vs Dans with locations (French Prepositions of Location)

Try the above links, I think that it will help

Bonne journée


'En' versus 'dans'?

Just wondering why it's 'en matinee', but 'dans la soiree?'

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