Elision and "ne ... pas allé."


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6 March 2017

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Elision and "ne ... pas allé."

The spoken example of "Je ne suis pas allé au cinéma." has no hint of elision between 'pas' and 'allé'. I am always baffled by where things get elided and where they are not. Are there any rules about this? Where should I look? Merci beaucoup, Ian L.

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10 March 2017


Bonjour Ian ! In such cases, there are two ways to pronounce them in French: - either you do the liaison with "-s", linking the two "a"s with a [z] sound - or omit the liaison (quite common in speech nowadays), which is the case here, and you pronounce the two "a"s next to each other. As a native French speaker, I do hear her pronounce both "a"s, but I completely understand that it's tenuous enough to be missed by less fluent ears :) I decided to re-record this example, and mark the liaison to make it clearer. I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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25 July 2017


Thanks, Aurelie, The new recording sounds great! I think I'm beginning to get to grips with this now! Ian.


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28 September 2018


Just would like to clarify when it comes to ellision with "pas" - it is completely optional?  Seems i hear more without elision than with.  Thanks very much.

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