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6 March 2019

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i know the verb écouter takes a direct object and in the example above (Je n'écoute jamais le prof) it's rather obvious. in another lesson however, there's an example like (tu n'écoutes jamais Alice).. my question is: how can i tell the meaning of the sentence, i mean when i read the example i thought someone is saying to Alice that she never listens, not the actual meaning of someone is saying to another that he\she never listens to Alice!

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8 March 2019


Hi Nawras, 

If I have undertood your question correctly -

Tu n'écoutes jamais Alice You never listen to Alice

Alice ne t'écoutes jamais = Alice never listens to you

Alice, tu n'écoutes jamais!Alice, you never listen!

Hope this helps!

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