Doubt in comparative form of 'bien'

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23 November 2018

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Doubt in comparative form of 'bien'

Bonjour Madame,

In the sentence given in the lesson as

"Ta téle est bien mais la mienne est mieux"

In this sentence although the comparative form of 'bien' has been used but then also ' que' has not been used;though here 'mieux'  is I think has been used as an adjective.

Mam,Pls guide the reason behind not writing 'que'


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26 November 2018


Hi Varsha, 

In the example you give, you could add a 'que...' and say:

Ta télé est bien mais la mienne est mieux (que la tienne).

but it is superfluous and makes the sentence rather heavy in my opinion.

Hope this answers your query!


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26 November 2018


Merci beaucoup Madame

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