Doing something in a specific evening


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29 August 2016

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Doing something in a specific evening

How about "in the evening" or "in the morning" as a one-time event? I understand that if one does something every evening the term is "le soir" (Tu ne lis que le soir). But what if I'm referring to a specific evening, for example: On est partis tôt et on est arrivés à la maison (in the evening). While I'm asking, how would one modify that to express "early in the evening."

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14 September 2016


Bonjour Charles ! 1- To say "We come home in the evening (specific day)", you would use "dans la soirée" in the sense of "at one point in the duration of that evening", OR "le soir-même" to emphasise "that very evening": - Nous sommes arrivés dans la soirée/matinée. - Nous sommes arrivés le soir-même / le matin-même. 2. To add "early/late in the evening", you will only use " dans la soirée", as such: - Nous sommes arrivés tôt dans la soirée. I hope that's helpful!

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