Could you add a way to hear the story in English after you do quiz?


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15 May 2016

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Could you add a way to hear the story in English after you do quiz?

I was having a lot of fun doing first quiz a second time and almost got to end and lost it all. I then tried the second quiz and again got to end and lost that too. Just wish you could retrieve it all when you mess up. Thanks for fun anyway. I did learn a lot about what I don't know.


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16 May 2016


Salut Hope Thanks for the suggestion. I assume you mean the listening exercises (dictées) that we sent out this weekend? Or do you mean the regular grammar kwizzes? I'll give this some thought. I'm sorry you lost your work. We are going to be building a much better integrated version of these very soon. These first two were really to help us design something better. You'll be able to see review your answers and see exactly where you got things right and wrong as well as add the relevant errors to your notebook to practise. Our regular kwizzes too will soon support the ability to listen in French to the correct answers, even for writing questions. Cordialement, Gruff


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18 May 2016


Yes the listening/writing exercises for the week ends. They are so much fun but after I complete them I am still not sure on the tenses sometimes. Example: she loves to go to Paris on vacation--vs--she loved going to Paris on vacation. OR -- she took a walk in the country, - OR-- she takes a walk. I don't have the story up at this time, but that is an example of how at times i am still not sure even after I read the correct way to write it. But they are so much fun to do.

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