Connaitre v savoir ... knowledge of 'facts'.

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23 July 2018

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Connaitre v savoir ... knowledge of 'facts'.

The two sentences below look almost exactly the same, in both 'they' know a fact (what time the shop closes).

Presumably, then, its just that in the 2nd sentence the verb is followed by a noun and that alone determins that 'conaitre' should be used, (and it's nothing to do with 'they' knowing a fact)?

Ils savent à quelle heure le magasin ferme. They know what time the shop closes.

Ils connaissent l'horaire de fermeture du magasin.
They know the shop closing time.

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25 July 2018


Hi Stewart,

Normally the difference between 'Savoir' and 'Connaître' is simplified in the following way:

Savoir = to know facts

Connaître to know people and places

But as the lesson points out it is a bit more complicated than this.

Ils savent que le magasin ferme à vingt heures = They know (that) the shop closes at eight p.m.

Ils connaissent l'heure de fermeture du magasin = They know the shop closing time 

Indeed the difference here although similar in meaning is, 

Savoirque (or ce que, ce qui ...) is followed by another sentence. (You cannot say,  je connais que ...)

e.g. Je sais ce qu'il va me dire = I know what he is going to tell me

Nous savons ce qu'ils préfèrent = We know what they like best

Connaître  is followed by an article or a noun 

e.g. Il connaît bien Marie/Paris He knows Marie/Paris well

Vous connaîssez les Champs Elysées ? = Do you know the Champs Elysées?

Hope this helps!


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25 July 2018


Thank you Cécile ... yes I'm 'with it' now.

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