Ces sont versus ce sont


Ces sont versus ce sont

Asked 2 years ago
ChrisC1Correct answer
What is your question? It is either "ce est -->c'est" or "ce sont". There is no "ces sont" meaning "they are" as far as I know. But, mind you, I am not a native speaker...

-- Chris.
Just to clarify, here is an example as I understand it: (1) Les pommes sont fraîches. Ces pommes sont fraîches. (2) Les pommes sont fraîches. Ce sont fraîches. In the first example "ces" is a demonstrative pronoun and needs to agree in gender and number with "pommes". In the latter example "ce sont" is a fixed phrase meaning "they are" as a whole. Hope that helps, -- Chris.
Understood. Do you also find that the answering of questions is not so much in the focus of kwiziq? I have asked a couple of questions here which never got a reply. And I see other's having the same problem. Is Laura's forum better in that respect? -- Chris.
Hi Chris, In fairness, they don't have a lot of staff and they are in the process of constant development as I understand it. I have a point about the use of "pour" in future usage acknowledged as valid but not yet addressed because of time constraints. The thing about Laura's Forum is that there are some very knowledgeable members who are willing to help and I do get answers there. Regards, Alan
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Ces sont versus ce sont

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