Cardinal points


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4 April 2019

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Cardinal points

Au sud, dans le sud etc.  Which preposition is correct, and if both can be  used, is there a difference in when they are used ?

Merci en avance !


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8 April 2019


Hi Jean!

Both prepositions are correct, however they will give a different meaning to the sentence - so it depends on what you want to say.



When writing "j'habite au sud de Paris" (I live South from Paris), it will imply that I am living somewhere South outside Paris. Using "au"/"à" before a cardinal point indicates the direction of a location outside another.



When writing "j'habite dans le sud de Paris" (I live on the South side of Paris), it means that I live inside Paris, on the South side of the city. "Dans" used before a cardinal point indicates an area within a location.


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11 April 2019


Merci, c'est clair!

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