"C'était la dernière fois que je venais te vois."


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10 January 2016

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"C'était la dernière fois que je venais te vois."

Why does "que je venais" translate to "that I was coming" and not "that I came"?


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10 January 2016


Bonjour Judy, "Je venais" is the imperfect - it's equivalent to the English past progressive: "I was coming." Please see https://www.french-test.com/revision/grammar/use-limparfait-imperfect-tense-to-describe-continuing-action-in-the-past If you wanted to say "I came," you need the passé composé: "Je suis venu."


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11 January 2016


The correct sentence is French would actually be "C'était la dernière fois que je venais te voiR." :)

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