Bonjour Madame Aurélie , Maybe I noticed a minor typo

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5 February 2019

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Bonjour Madame Aurélie , Maybe I noticed a minor typo

Bonjour Madame Aurélie,

While doing a test named “Conte de fées” I landed up at a mysterious sentence -

Le père était àgé et sortirait rarement de son lit, alors sa fille devait s’occuper du jardin et des animaux.

Here I would like to ask you why a dû was marked incorrect although the English translation specifies ‘so his daughter had to take care of the garden .....’ . I read your lesson which states that one uses Passé Composé for an obligation that was very well met. And here too is the same case.

The link to the test -

Please help me to figure out the correct option as I am not very clear with this concept.

Merci d’avance ! 

Bonne journée!


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6 February 2019


Bonjour Varsha !

Here look at the context of the sentence :
"Her dad was old and couldn't get out of bed" is a situation that is lasting in the past, a recurring situation. And so is the fact that his daughter had to take care of everything. She didn't just do it once, on a specific day for example, but it was a recurring occurrence, hence the use of Imparfait here :)

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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6 February 2019


Merci Madame Aurélie ! The way you provided the reasoning with the help of an English translation was an excellent approach for a learner like me .

Merci de passer votre temps précieux à répondre à ma question.

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