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9 February 2019

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I seem to be going backwards, losing confidence by the day with this lesson.  Very disappointed in the content and exercises.  This system of questions seems to be hurting me more than helping,

It’s like the rules change every time I read this lesson.

Regretting paying for a whole year.......

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French lesson "Faire mal à vs faire du mal à = to hurt someone"


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9 February 2019


Sorry to hear this Darren!

Some reassurance: getting to level A2 (which I can see you've reached from your brainmap) can be a very tough stage of learning. In fact, it's so common I devoted a whole section to it in my article, 13 tips for language learners, which you may find helpful: 

A little quote from it about levels A1 and A2, "Expect a lot of fog and confusion for the first few hundred hours.  It's completely normal... EVERYONE feels this way, even the people who seem really gifted at languages."

Hopefully the tips will help, and I'd say stick with it, the fog will clear! Of course, if you're still unhappy with subscribing in a few weeks, just write in to support and we can sort out a package downgrade for you.

Best wishes, Gruff

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