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Avez-vous ete marie?

IgorA1Kwiziq community member

Avez-vous ete marie?

Asked 4 years ago
IgorA1Kwiziq community member
Sorry, I am completely new to the site, so I am not entirely sure what to click and when. My question is why in vous and ete we don't pronounce s at the end of vous?
RonC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor
Bonsoir Igor, For the most part, the final consonant on all French words is not pronounced. To that end, of course there are exceptions. Actually with «Avez-vous été marié?» there would possibly be a liaison with the «s» of vous and été so it would be pronounced like «vou s'été» J'espère que cela vous aidera.

Avez-vous ete marie?

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