Approximate numbers - 70, 80, and 90


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2 October 2016

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Approximate numbers - 70, 80, and 90

Hi, in your lesson "How to make approximate numbers such as une dizaine (ten or so)" you explain how to form the approximate numbers dizaine (10), vintgaine (20), trentaine (30), quarantaine (40), cinquantaine (50), soixantaine (60) and centaine (100). You did not mention 70, 80, nor 90. Do these not exist? Or are my guesses "soixante-dizaine" (70), "quatre-vingtaines" (80) and "quatre-vingt-dizaine" (90) in the right direction?


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2 October 2016


Bonjour Derek, No, they don't exist. You'd use "environ" or "à peu près" in front of the cardinal numbers.

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