An exceptional case


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31 January 2019

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An exceptional case

Bonjour Madame !

I have carefully read the green box which states that when y pronoun comes after ER verbs in tu form in L’Impératif , then the dropped-out s is recovered.

But for the verbs like ouvrir, couvrir , offrir , découvrir which though are “IR” verbs but are conjugated like  “ER” verbs , will this case persist for them also ?

If so please provide a few examples to illustrate the same.

Bonne journée !

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1 February 2019


Bonjour Varsha,

Your suspicions are correct, these types of IR verbs, for reasons of euphony, add the terminal s  to the second person singular imperative form when followed by the pronouns y and en.


cueilles-en quelques unes (fleurs)

offres-y tes conseils

ouvres-en (boites) etc.

Hope this helps,



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4 February 2019


Merci Monsieur Tom ! I am clear with the concept.

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