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A question on pronunciation of "deux" in different situations.


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9 July 2017

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A question on pronunciation of "deux" in different situations.

In the video under subject "Ago", in both sentences about the shop "Il y a 2 ans, he pronounces 2 as if it were "douze" (12). I'm not clear on how to distinguish when the last syllable must include the consanent, as in "2 ans".

This relates to:
Il y a = There is, There are -


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9 July 2017


Bonjour Jim,

Pronouncing the consonant at the end of a word when it precedes a vowel, as in deux ans, is known as a liaison. That is the only time deux is pronounced somewhat similarly to douze.

(It's not identical because the vowel is different: deux = [dœz] while douze = [duz]).


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10 July 2017


Merci beacoup. You've answered my question. (Now I just need to develop the ear for that slight difference.)

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